Kabir Singh: Bollywood’s misogyny problem is not new

A new Bollywood film, Kabir Singh, is being described as misogynistic even as it has set box office coffers ringing. But this is hardly a new problem in India’s biggest film industry

Kabir Singh is the story of a man who becomes addicted to alcohol and drugs after his girlfriend’s family refuses to accept their relationship, and marries her off to someone else. The movie hit the screens on 21 June and has divided opinions sharply.

The lead character – played by actor Shahid Kapoor – is a man-child who belittles his girlfriend, Preeti Sikka, tries to control her life and objectifies women. The lead female role is played by Kiara Advani.

Singh is volatile and violent – in one scene, he threatens to rape a woman at knifepoint when she refuses to have sex with him. He eventually backs off, but it’s no credit to him.