Elon Musk Reveals New Tesla Cyber Truck

The Cyber truck has shown up and it looks not at all like any pickup truck you’ve at any point seen. Tesla CEO Elon Musk uncovered the hotly anticipated electric pickup truck at its Design Studio in Hawthorne, California, simply outside Los Angeles.

At the point when the truck at first drove onto the stage, numerous in the group obviously could hardly imagine how this was really the vehicle they’d come to see. The Cyber truck resembles more like a craftsmanship piece than a truck.

Instead of a distinctly separate cab and bed, the body appears to be a single form. The exterior is made from a newly developed stainless steel alloy, the same metal that’s used for SpaceX rockets, Musk said. That alloy enables the car to be “literally bulletproof” against at least smaller firearms, including 9-mm handguns, Musk said.

A man with a sledgehammer hit the sides of the truck without damaging it. But a demonstration of the truck’s supposedly unbreakable metal glass windows backfired when a metal ball thrown at the windows did, in fact, break them.

“But it didn’t go through,” Musk sheepishly pointed out.


The truck will utilize self-leveling suspension which makes up for variable burden and a few models will have all-wheel drive. Other standard highlights remember for board control inverters for providing both 120 and 240-volt power, permitting utilization of intensity instruments without a versatile generator. An air blower for controlling pneumatic apparatuses is included. The outside hardened steel sheet-metal is shot safe against 9 mm bore slugs as well.

All vehicles will likewise come standard with Tesla Autopilot and will have the equipment capacities for completely self-governing operation. As of November 2019, Tesla was tolerating pre-orders for $100, with a $7,000 ‘full self-driving’ option.

The scope of the Cyber truck differs from 250–500 miles (400–800 km), contingent upon arrangement choices.


The inside of the model divulged on 21 November 2019 incorporates a 17-inch focus show, seating for 6 utilizing two-seat seats with the front center seat being a crease down focus armrest, a computerized back view camera-based mirror, a race vehicle style controlling burden, and a dashboard with a surface taking after marble. The back center seat additionally overlaps down to permit stacking long payload stretching out into the taxi from the vault (encased lockable bed). The “marble look” dashboard of the reveal model vehicle was a paper composite material produced using “paper, wood-based strands, common wood colors and non-oil based resins.”

Vault (bed)

The bed of the truck is 6.5 feet (2.0 m) long and like a customary pickup truck bed with the rear end. It has inclined side dividers and a basic mechanized roller screen style tonneau spread to improve the streamlined features of the vehicle. Due to the extra security this gives, Tesla terms this 100-cubic-foot (2.8 m3) encased space “the vault”. It incorporates LED light strips along each side, an extra under-floor extra room behind the back wheels, 110 and 220 V AC outlets, and a packed air outlet for pneumatic tools.

One article guarantees that there is a go through to the lodge for long cargo, the showed model comes up short on any comparing opening in the front of the bed. One element exhibited on the model, however not expressly promoted, is an incline that stretches out from the rear end to the ground for stacking payload.


The Cyber truck was revealed at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles on 21 November 2019. During the introduction, Musk showed the solidness of the vehicle and its materials. Notwithstanding fruitful drop tests directed on a sheet of the particular ‘Tesla shield glass’ and an effective pre-show test where a steel ball was tossed at the windows of the truck itself by the head of the plan Franz von Holzhausen with obviously no damage, the windows were harmed when Holzhausen rehashed the test during the show.

Musk playfully shouted that “the ball didn’t endure” and “we’ll fix it in the post” after the startling outcomes. He later clarified that the windows were harmed in light of the fact that the heavy hammer’s effect on the entryway split the base of the glass.

Toward the finish of the introduction, the Tesla Cyber quad, an off-road vehicle (ATV), was driven onto the bed of the Cyber truck utilizing worked in inclines in the back end. The Cyber quad was connected to the Cyber trucks installed electrical plug to charge the Cyber quad batteries. The ATV will be accessible available to be purchased as a discretionary bundle with the Cyber truck.


According to Hight Lands Today Tesla, Inc. stock was down 6% following the Cyber truck declaration. On 23 November 2019, Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla had gotten 146,000 pre-arranges in the principal 1.5 days after the disclosing—each requiring a US$100 refundable store—with 42% picking the double engine setup, 41% picking the tri-engine design, and 17% picking the single-engine setup. The number arrived at 250,000 on 26 November. Moreover, a video of the Cyber truck pulling the Ford F-150 tough in a back-and-forth brought about 14,000 remarks and 619,000 likes on Twitter. Passage has mentioned a rematch and Tesla has concurred on a fundamental level to destroy one what’s to come.