Elevate Your Senses at the Cameron Highlands!

Asia's answer to Scotland! The Cameron Highlands were discovered by William Cameron in the late 19th century. Formerly famous for its extensive tea plantations, this green plateau is now world famous for its splendid strawberry fields, butterfly farms, rose gardens, waterfalls and Hindu and Buddhist Temples.

One of the most picturesque locations in Asia, Cameron Highlands is the highest point on the Malaysian mainland and enjoys pleasant weather all year round. Hotels in Cameron Highlands abound with views and vistas. Located in the temperate climatic zone, the region enjoys beautiful weather that favors the natural spread of boundless greenery all around.

Hotels in Cameron Highlands offer a variety of stay packages that suit guests looking for either a quick holiday or a long relaxing vacation. There is plenty to do at the Cameron Highlands from following jungle trails, exploring its picturesque farms, getting your adrenaline pumped up with adventure sports, to quiet scenic evenings over good conversation and a cup of steaming tea. The hotels in Cameron Islands promise to make your stay as comfortable as it would be eventful!

Enjoy Adventure and an Appealing Vacation

The charming highlands have numerous beautiful villas and buildings built in styles representative of ancient Chinese and Tudor styles. These cozy yet eclectic structures now house some of the finest hotels in Cameron islands. The architectural style rooted in historic tradition lends interest to even the smallest Cameron Island cheap hotels.

Cameron Highlands cheap hotels offer packages that make for an economic stay. Your stay is assured to be friendly to not just your wallet alone. These hotels are some of the best in the business of hospitality, and the ambition of the staff is to bring to you the warmest stay in the cool highlands with the famous touch of typical Asian hospitality.

Well connected by highways and expressways, Cameron Island cheap hotels are easy to locate and access. Again, accessing various sites of interest from these hotels is very convenient. These highlands offer the best ways to unwind and getaway from the fast paced urban. This would be an experience that does more than charm; it allows you to get in-touch and personal with nature with its free spirited treks, farm fresh fruits and vegetables and aromatic variety of teas. A short visit to the Cameron Highlands in between your tour of the otherwise fast paced Malaysian islands will prove to be the ultimate pit stop for a fun filled, refreshing holiday!

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